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Regen Foundation supports diverse communities with ideas and technologies which integrate ecological, economic, and human well-being.

We build the Regen Commons. A global network of grassroots DAOs to ensure climate finance ultimately supports sovereign regenerative bioregional economies.

Our flagship program is the EnDAOment Protocol

Tools, Standards, and Community for planetary guardians to test, challenge, and evolve DAOs, Regenerative Finance, and web3.

How can DAO’s and web3 support initiatives like:

  • Community Land Trusts
  • Worker Owned Cooperatives
  • Community managed agroforestry
  • Land Back Initiatives
  • Artistic Research
  • The Rights of Nature and Earth Law
  • Prosocial facilitation to address legacies of land-based trauma
  • Farmer Coops
  • The Commons Movement
  • Bioregional Sovereignty
  • Chama Savings Cooperatives
  • Ecofeminist Collectives
  • Scientific Peer Review
  • Micro-loans
  • Small Hold Farmers
  • Hardware Hacker communities
  • Bioregional Knowledge Commmons

Interested in Partnering?

As the non-profit arm of Regen Network. We pilot implementation level research in community ownership and governance in regenerative finance.


New Commons and Networked Governance

Regen Foundation has a mandate to distribute 30% of the total pool of $REGEN tokens, earmarked for non-commercial stakeholders. This gives a voice to people (both human and non-human) who otherwise would not be heard.

Through a process of enDAOment, we donate tokens to groups of farmers, indigenous nations and other non-profit partners. They can use these tokens to vote in Regen Network governance, and help shape the future of the Regen toolkit. They will then receive more tokens as reward for their role in keeping the blockchain running. These tokens can be exchanged for money, which they can use to fund their operations.

Decentralized Scientific Research

We facilitate an open and collaborative process to produce scientifically robust, context specific protocols for the verification of ecological outcomes worldwide. We are committed to open source development and believe that open and shared protocols are a key driver for the acceleration of planetary regeneration and a re-establishment of a healthy commons.

Education and Public Capacity Building

Regen Foundation brings together a co-creative educational network focused on the scientifically proven practices and processes that lead to robust environmental resilience. Technological advances and emerging markets for ecosystem services can be challenging to navigate. Regen Foundation aims to demystify tools and concepts in a playful way, by creating learning spaces for a diverse range of users, including land stewards, community conservation groups, scientists and developers.

We dream of alternate institutions, built on an ethos of co-learning and mutualism.

Emerging Economics

Recoupling planetary wellbeing with economic wellbeing blurs the lines of social and ecological justice. Enfranchise an economy for all the planet’s people and species means understanding the climate crisis is an “intersectional” challenge. We work to develop programs through the Regen Commons which test the viability of alternative economic mechanisms.

In order to have scaled impact, we must ask how to replace corrupted systems of extraction with viable regenerative alternatives that bring a sound livelihood to communities of regeneration.

Our Approach

Integrity for the World Beyond Carbon

Without rigorous standards and integrity to claims of regeneration, climate finance often hurts more than it helps.

Shared Ownership and Community Stake

Through our Community Staking DAO we ensure that at least 35% of token holding power of the Regen Network is in the hands of regenerators. The future of climate finance is community owned and governed

Reciprocal Feedback in Tech Development

We support climate justice initiatives with DAO technologies, and evolve DAO technologies with the insights and legacies of climate justice initiatives. It’s a reciprocal process. Put another way, we incubate regenerative DAOs.

Focusing on the Last Millimeter

We aren’t another funding pool. We support DAOs who are working out the excrutiating details of implementation ensure emerging technologies actually serve and support regenerative communities.

The future of regenerative economics will be community owned and governed.