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Accelerating the Shift to Global Regeneration

Agriculture and ecosystem mismanagement are among the largest drivers of environmental degradation and climate change.

Yet they hold the potential to be the largest force for reversing climate change and regenerating the planet.


Regen Foundation cultivates the growth of regenerative agriculture, holistic land management, and marine stewardship through the development of technological tools, scientific inquiry, and capacity building. 

As the nonprofit arm of Regen Network, we are committed to a diverse community of stakeholders to build the tools of regeneration.


Regen Foundation is stewarding a global shift toward regenerative approaches to land and water management. We are advocating for the use of Regen Network’s key environmental verification protocols and investing in the development of eco-apps for achieving and rewarding ecological regeneration, using the following three pillars:

1. Scientific Research
and Inquiry

We facilitate an open and collaborative process to produce scientifically robust, context specific protocols for the verification of ecological outcomes worldwide.

We are committed to open source development and believe that open and shared protocols are a key driver for the acceleration of planetary regeneration and a re-establishment of a healthy commons.

2. Education and
Capacity Building

Regen Foundation brings together a co-creative educational network focused on the scientifically proven practices and a processes that lead to robust environmental resilience.

Technological advances and emerging markets for ecosystem services can be challenging to navigate. Regen Foundation aims to make access to the changing landscapes of ecological agriculture accessible to the agricultural community.

3. Technological Tools
for the Commons

Regen Foundation convenes an open source community and coordinates work on critical  elements of decentralized governance and computing in the domain of ecological regeneration.

Regen Foundation is part of a development community bringing  agricultural and ecological data into a trusted computing environment. Regen Foundation ensures the future of Regen Network and Regen Ledger are decentralized and democratic.

Scientific Research and Inquiry

Our in-house Science Team is creating automated verification processes to determine specific ecological changes in land in an open and trusted format. We call these algorithmic verifications “Ecological State Protocols,” better known as ESPs. An ESP can be simple (i.e. observing an increase in vegetation), or complex (i.e. quantifying carbon sequestration in soil).



2017: Conceive

After years of working in the agro-ecological space, we saw the clear need for a trusted and transparent verification mechanism that is agile and responsive to a context-specific world. This network could unlock the ability for the world’s farmers to engage in the regeneration of our planet and be recognized for those actions. We unveiled our project at Devcon 3 in Cancun, and shortly after published the Regen Network Whitepaper.

2018: Build

As the Regen Network concept solidified, we legally incorporated Regen Foundation and were awarded fiscal sponsorship from Buckminster Fuller Institute. We assembled a powerful board of directors and initiated Regen Consortium. The project began getting global recognition, being invited to speak at dozens of events including the United Nations Development Project Internal Retreat, World Bank Technology Innovation Lab, and the Caux Forum on Land and Security. We also created our first in-house Ecological State Protocol in the form of the Till/No-Till protocol.

2021: Launch

All systems go! Our aims for 2021 are to build the online infrastructure for catalyzing the community that want to work together toward regeneration, to bring together the right people and technology for the collaborative development of a broad set of Ecological State Protocols, and really establish the organizational structure in such a way that it serves the myriad different groups that would benefit from open and trusted ecological protocols.

2022: Impact

Collaboration with dozens of organization from public, private and social sectors. Millions of acres of impact verified using ESPs developed through Regen Foundation.


Regen Foundation is a Delaware 501(c)(3) public charity, created to support the growth of Regen Network and develop and maintain Regen Ledger software, associated compute infrastructure, key protocols, and frontend apps for achieving and rewarding ecological regeneration.



Regen Foundation‘s governance is founded on the understanding that humans in conscious relationship with ecosystem functioning can engage in systemic developmental co-evolution. The Foundation‘s mission is to explore the use of technology to grow human capacity to understand, value, and incorporate ecosystem health into our accounting and decision making across all governmental, corporate, and societal activities. We believe that agriculture - land, and marine management practices - are a key to the regeneration of this planet, and that together we can solve humanities greatest challenges.

"Regen Network gives me genuine hope for the future. I trust the experience backing the team, who actually understand what is required for trees and crops to grow, and is creating a brilliant system to verify that they do. No greenwash here. They are the real deal."
- ALANA LEA, Founder of Rainforest Eco Enterprise and iGiveTrees
"Regen Network is easily the most competent DLT endeavor tackling ecological affairs that I have come across."
"Regen Network provides the essential protocol to take stock of the ecological condition of our commons, from which we can steer and incentivize curative and regenerative efforts within the framework of a newly emerging monetary framework.”
“Regen Network is using blockchain based accounting to radically re-invision not how finance works, but rather our relationship to nature and the entire world. Perhaps the finance people are thinking too small, they see blockchain as a revolution in money Regen Network sees far more than finance in the blockchain, they see a whole new world.”
- MARK PESCE, Cryptonomics Podcast
"Regen Network is one of the most thoughtful and promising networks of thought leaders and technologists that I have ever encountered. They are developing a profoundly, evidence based platform for not just climate change and regenerative agriculture, but for a functioning ecological economy. They are authentic and grounded thought leaders that point to the future direction for necessary social and economic evolution. They need to be listened to."
- JOHN HENRY CLIPPINGER, Founder of The Token Commons Foundation and
"Nori is a proud consortium member of the Regen Foundation. We are mission-aligned in our quest to reverse climate change by empowering stewards of the land with software that can track and monetize ecological improvements. We enthusiastically support the development of this platform using blockchain technology. It ensures that the regenerative land steward owns their data, which are relevant for estimating and quantifying carbon removal and other ecosystem services."
- CHRISTOPHE JOSPE, Chief Development Officer at Nori