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Announcing Launch of Regen Foundation.

Revathi Kollegala Photo

Regen Foundation Hires Founding Executive Director – Revathi Kollegala

 The Regen Network ecosystem is maturing, recently marked by the launch of mainnet. Watch the replay of the launch party here if you weren’t able to tune into this historic event. The genesis of Regen Ledger also heralds the operational launch of Regen Foundation. Regen Foundation, a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, is a sister organization of Regen Network Development, Inc. (developer of Regen Ledger), and is committed to cultivate and grow a diverse community of stakeholders to build tools in service to regeneration. 

 Regen Foundation Board President Will Szal: 

Regen Foundation’s first order of business will be to implement and iterate on our Community Staking DAOs architecture—a Proof-of-Stake variant that extends network governance to community members such as land stewards, landscapes, scientists, and developers. Between our Founding Executive Director, Revathi, and our Board—spanning the OpenTEAM, Gnosis, and Buckminster Fuller Institute communities—we’re off to a strong start.

Our Vision – The Three Pillars

1. Scientific Research and Inquiry

The Foundation aims to facilitate and nurture an open and collaborative process that supports the science needed for the Regen Network to produce scientifically robust, context specific protocols for the verification of ecological outcomes worldwide.

We are committed to open source and  believe that helping develop open and shared protocols are a key driver for the acceleration of planetary regeneration and a re-establishment of a healthy commons.

2. Education and Capacity Building

Regen Foundation also aims to enable the global agricultural and technological communities to learn, understand, and co-create the educational network needed to make ecological agriculture accessible and make a larger climate impact. We aim to help the agricultural community have easy access to scientifically validated practices and processes leading to robust environmental resilience. 

3. Technological Tools for the Commons

Regen Foundation helps facilitate and nurture the socio-technological infrastructure to ensure the future of Regen Network and Regen Ledger are decentralized and democratic. We envision convening the open source community and coordinating work on critical  elements of decentralized governance and computing in the domain of ecological regeneration.

Inclusive Governance via Community Staking DAOs

Over the first year, the Foundation will be helping create DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) communities to lend a voice and secure a seat at the table for those that may be underrepresented in the ecological agricultural system. This includes but not limited to stakeholders such as land stewards, passionate altruistic developers, landscapes and scientists.  Read more about the vision of the community staking DAOs here. We’re aware that this plays a significant role in keeping the Regen Network ecosystem aligned with its ecological and democratic values. We’re also aware of the contribution in bringing community-led governance to the larger proof-of-stake ecosystem. 

Welcome Revathi Kollegala

Revathi Sharma Kollegala, Regen Foundation’s  founding Executive Director, is excited to bring the vision of community-staking DAOs to life. Growing up and currently living in India, she is passionate about bridging the digital divide to empower the Global South to benefit from the decentralized ledger technologies and the Regen Network ecosystem. As a P2P/Commons researcher and an ethical data strategist, she is excited to bring  her expertise in governance and help build the Regen Network ecosystem to be a living community-led inclusive system.

Contact Us

Over the next few months, we will be working diligently to design and launch the community-staking DAOs. Stay tuned for more details and in the meantime, contact us or join us on the Regen Foundation channel at the Discord server.