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Help regenerate our future.

Your impact could make all the difference.

The team at Regen Network has spent the past year developing the partnerships,  the scientific approach, and technology suite to supercharge the global effort to restore ecosystem health and reverse climate change through regenerative land stewardship. 

Part of our plan was to deploy another organizational entity to leverage our work to develop the public infrastructure for the regenerative movement and maximize charitable gifts.  To that end, we are excited to announce the launch of Regen Foundation!

Regen Foundation is charged with convening and organizing the science, the community, and the critical infrastructure required for global acceleration of regenerative stewardship. Regen Foundation is a Delaware 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Though there is a lot to accomplish in our first year as a nonprofit, out first official focus is the continued development of Ecological State Protocols. 

What is an Ecological State Protocol (ESP)? An ESP is an automated algorithmic process that determines a specific ecological change of state. An ESP can be as simple as verifying an increase in vegetation using satellite data, or as complex as quantifying carbon sequestration in the soil. Fundamentally, ESPs are an essential indicator of ecological health.

The development of ESPs is a cornerstone for the global proliferation of regenerative land use practices, reversing climate change, and valuing ecosystem services.

ESPs offer immediate value to: 

  • mission-driven companies seeking verified ecological practices in their global supply,
  • governments and nonprofits seeking verified ecological claims,
  • farmers and land stewards seeking compensation for their ecological improvements,
  • the scientific community wanting to link practices to outcomes,
  • verification agencies looking to streamline their process,
  • and myriad other applications.

In discussions with organizations such as World Resource Institute, the UNCCD, Danone, Costco, and The Nature Conservancy, we learned that each of these groups is seeking to develop or in the process of developing ESPs, but would like to be working in an open and collaborative fashion to help others take regenerative action as well. Regen Foundation offers domain specific expertise and can serve as the connective tissue between global organizations, scientists, and land managers to accelerate this development. 

As an organization engaging in a charitable cause, we are pursuing the development of these critical regenerative tools in an open source, collaborative manner to ensure immediate and equitable access to mission-driven organizations around the globe.

We are focused on developing an early set of ESP’s for the following organizations:

We are focused on the development of Ecological State Protocols because of the important role they play in the open and trusted verification of ecological outcomes into the future. This work leverages the extensive scientific development work that Regen Network already invested and will be shepherded by Dr. Gisel Booman and Brecht Deriemaeker.  In the short-term, there are other areas of focus that will likely demand as much or more time. We will be throwing ourselves into the operations of the foundation and making sure that we have everything needed to grow:

  • A supportive community
  • The budget necessary to carry out our aims
  • The programs in place to create the impact we are after
  • The narrative that gets the community fired up
  • The strategy to make all of that happen

We have an essential task in front of us which literally cannot happen without a network of committed organizations and individuals to help make it happen. With your help, we are excited to develop Regen Foundation to serve and grow the vibrant regenerative movement.

What Your Impact supports

Farmers and Land Stewards seeking compensation for their ecological improvements
Tangible ecological change in the state of land
A supportive community
The advancement of Ecological State Protocols to measure land changes
Mission-driven companies seeking verified ecological practices in their global supply
The scientific community wanting to link practices to outcomes
The strategy to make all of that happen

What is Classy?

Our external donation platform, Classy, is set up through our generous fiscal sponsor, Buckminster Fuller Institute. A leading innovation hub for 30 years now, BFI is dedicated to catalyzing transformative solutions to complex global problems through design thinking and education. 

As a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, BFI serves as the fiscal sponsor for Regen Foundation and as a valued co-development partner of the movement toward redesign of the human role on this planet.

If you have further questions about our relationship with BFI, Classy, or other methods of donating or supporting Regen Foundation, please get in touch at