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Join the enDOAment

Supporting the development of community (Staking) DAO’s - csDAO’s - to steward the evolution of the network with a token endowment = enDAOment

Land Stewards

Environmental stewardship, responsible use and protection of the natural environment through


Building business models that perpetuate regenerative economics

Scientists and Academics

Climate Activists

Indigenous nations

Climate Social Justice activists

Terran Collective
California, US

The purpose of Terran Collective is to amplify cooperation among people regenerating our communities and our planet, in service to creating a world that works for all.

Colombia, New York, US

Ethos is a team of coffee sector and supply chain experts specializing in value chain design, partnership building, and research.

Kulshan Carbon Trust
Washington, US

KCT’s goal is to build alliances so that people can work together to draw down carbon in ways that regenerate the land and build prosperous communities.

Earth Regenerators

Earth Regenerators are prototyping bioregional regenerative economies on 500,000 hectares of tropical dry forest in Barichara, Colombia.

Grameena Vikas Kendram (GVK Society)

GVK Society’s mission is to build regenerative and circular agricultural supply chains that optimize value for small and marginal farmers.

North East Network

NEN is a broad platform for building linkages among organizations and individuals, to add diversity to the women’s movement by highlighting women’s issues in India’s Northeast Region (NER).


SmartAgro works with governments, academia, and the private sector to reverse climate change with regenerative farming. Working on Cambodian and German soil regeneration projects using MRV.


Regen Network is community owned and governed.

In order to do this we have 30 % of the total token holding power dedicated to being held by land stewards, scientists, climate activists, hardware/software engineers, Indigenous nations, Climate Social Justice activists, and regenerators across a wide variety of disciplines through enDAOments from the Regen Foundation.

As a Not for Profit we work to:

  • Develop programming and critical perspectives on the potentials of ecological economics
  • Support regenerative communities through a community funding pool
  • Steward the growth and integrity of a Community Staking DAO which wields 30% of the total token holdings in the Regen Network.

What is enDAOment ?

The enDAOment program is an initiative of the Regen Foundation to divest 30% of token holding power to communities practicing regeneration in a multitude of ways and to structurally address legacies of patriarchy and colonialism across, science, environmentalism, and tech.

Community staking DAO’s earn ( staking ) rewards to support their regenerative projects and in the process sustain the network through governance participation.

The Communities determine how and to what those Treasury funds are allocated through governance.

Governed by Regenerators
Tokens on
open market
Tokens dedicated to Regenerative Communities
Managed by the Community Staking DAO

(30%) of all the $REGEN in the Regen Network will be held by organizations committed to regeneration and facilitated by the Regen Foundation through an EnDAOment program.

The goal of enDAOment is to cultivate Community Staking(CS) DAO’s as Sovereign Bioregional Regenerative Economies

The benefits of "being" a csDAO

As a csDAO, a project enjoys :

in a larger ecosystem benefitting from Network wealth.

Onboarding to Web3 and the capacity to steer the evolution of the network to needs of the participants

The Network of Regen Network is a shared set of practices and infrastructures different communities agree upon to more effectively work together to reward environmental stewardship. Communities can align across bioregions and techniques, forming solidarity, support, and peer-based knowledge sharing.

Governance – Is the process of coming together to make decisions about the workings of an individual community as well as the integrity of the global network. On the Regen Network, being decentralized means decisions come through the participation and voting of many communites, rather than from the top down.

An exciting potential of the community staking DAO, is for communities to earn rewards on their $REGEN tokens through Staking. Communities determine how and to what those Treasury funds are allocated through governance.

These benefits define a community staking DAO.

Knowledge Sharing

We are delighted to have your interest in learning about csDAO’s. Please share information to enable us to set up a conversation