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enDAOment Protocol


Grassroots Ownership and Governance of the Regenerative Economy

Exploring the potential of DAOs in Ecosystem Restoration Through:

Token Grants

Regen Foundation brings founder-level stake to the Regen Network through $REGEN token grants, that can be matched with fiat currency. We disperse token grants, called enDAOments, in cohort cycles.


DAOs are a recent iteration of community ownership and governance over common resources. Whether they be trees, an aquafer, a treasury, or data, DAO tooling coordinates community governance and participation at nearly every level in Regen’s stack.

Governance Power

Through EnDAOment grants, Regen Foundation ensures that the voice and priorities of land stewards inform the evolution of Regen Network. This is critical to ensure Regen Network stays accountable and committed to the transition to a regenerative definition of value. 

Community Solidarity

Through a cohort model, enDAOment foregrounds the emergent potential of diverse communities to mutual support and enable one another. 

We are building a protocol to ensure the future of climate finance is community owned and governed.

DAOs are Commons


Symbiosis is the rule not the exception and communities practice regeneration in many ways. We believe pluralism is our collective strength. In order to grow in a diverse and symbiotic path towards collective planetary healing, we work to build common purpose and vision without flattening diverse ways of knowing and being.



Communities coordinate around common pool resources. An exciting potential of the community staking DAO, is for communities to earn rewards on their $REGEN tokens through Staking. Communities determine how and to what those Treasury funds are allocated through governance practices they feel is the best fit for them.



Governance – Is the process of coming together to make decisions about the workings of an individual community as well as the integrity of the global network. On the Regen Netowrk, being decentralized means decisions come through the participation and voting of many communites, rather than from the top down. We organize governance on Hylo and Common Wealth.


EnDAOment Milestones

Cohort Selection

EnDAOment groups are selected based on our enDAOment Prioritization Matrix, which is reviewed through internal and public comment each cycle to dynamically reflect the needs of the broader network.

Legal + Technical
Capacity Building

Most enDAOment recipients are experts in ecosystem regeneration, but not in blockchain, DAOs, and Regenerative Economics. We  ensure participants are supported in building their capacity on a legal and technical level.

Governance Implementation in Context

Governance is the arena through which the Regen Network decides its path of evolution. We support enDAOment recipients to incubate their respective projects as well as participate in broader network governance.

Through Thought Leadership, Process Documentation, and FAQs we support a new generation of regenerative organizations.

Writing and Thought Leadership

Original research on the relationship between DAOs, commons, and interspecies kinship

Process Documentation

As the first of its kind, the enDAOment explores the efficacy of DAOs to support ecosystem restoration and community governance.


Frequently Asked Questions