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How to join the Second Cohort of Community Staking DAO

We have released our strategic vision for the launch of Regen Commons, marking the next phase of our larger enDAOment protocol development.

If you haven’t had the chance to read it yet, you can find it here.


Process and Timeline

You can use this link to nominate either yourself or an organization of your choice.

Once the RF Team screens the submissions, you will receive a response with the next steps. We kindly request all candidate nominations to be submitted by July 15th, 2023.

If the partnership seems to be a good mutual fit, we will schedule intro calls, starting from mid-July.

Prior, we’ll ask you to share documentation on your organization. Please use the questions listed below as guiding points to help us understand your work better.

  1. Describe your purpose, vision and goals (200 words)
  2. 1. What bioregions and demographics (gender, age, ethnicity) do you directly work with? Be specific.
    2. How does your work engage historically marginalized voices, perspectives, and communities integral to planetary regeneration?
    3. List some of your active partners.
  3. What are you excited to share with the broader Regen Commons? (Try to be specific and provide concrete examples when possible; like you are building open source technology, you are creating key-stone methodologies or DAO governance frameworks that can be adapted by other communities, you are directly stewarding the planetary commons, you are building open source educational resources, etc. )
  4. What is the intended scope of your project? What is your optimal size?
  5. Bringing ownership and governance power to a decentralized protocol in service to planetary regeneration can be challenging. How do you see your organization allocating time and resources to participate in the governance process of the Network? What capacity does your team have to actively steer the evolution of Regen Network? Will you have a designated person? Group? Shifting roles?
  6. What regenerative practices does your organization participate in? Kindly list and give examples of where, when and how. Include any unique methodologies that you are cultivating and how is it culturally appropriate for the bioregion you work in and their significance to planetary regeneration. e.g. indigenous seed saving and sharing, etc.
  7. The Regen Commons is based on the belief that communities must own and govern the system which define ecological value.
    1. How does your org work towards direct and distributed ownership? Can you describe that approach?
    2. What qualifications makes your team well suited to this work?
  8. How do you involve the local communities in your projects? Describe these processes with examples:
    1. Establishing interventions
    2. Conflict resolution
    3. Feedback from the community
    4. Decision making processes with local stakeholders
  9. On a scale of 0-10, 0 being absolutely no knowledge and 10 being expert, how knowledgeable are you about Web3 systems.
    1. Do you possess a Web3 wallet?
    2. Have you engaged with staking and validating nodes?
    3. Have you ever participated in on-chain governance?
    4. In what other ways have you interacted with web3 systems before?
  10. Do you have a team member who is willing to work on the development of governance models, methodologies, research into DAOs and development of Cohort specific documentation? (Approximately 7 hours a month) Please nominate that individual and have them attend the online interview
The Regen Foundation works to curate meaningful cohorts of the csDAO.

We’ll follow up with reflections and if further clarification is needed, additional calls would be scheduled before the decision is made.

We appreciate your time in reading this and encourage you to reach out directly to if you have any questions.

To learn more about the enDAOment program, please refer to our guide here.