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Maturing Autonomy: Separation Between the Founding Legal Entities of Regen Network

TL;DR: Regen Network Development, Inc. and Regen Foundation no longer have crossover in personnel.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Since our inception, Regen Network has been committed to decentralization. Today marks an inflection point on this path. I have resigned from the Board of Directors at Regen Network Development, Inc. (“RND”) and Gregory Landua, CEO at RND, has resigned as a Board Director from Regen Foundation. Regen Foundation directors, officers, etc. don’t own any shares in RND. Gregory and I were the only personnel who crossed over between entities, and now each entity is autonomous from the other. I will continue to serve in my post as President of the Board of Regen Foundation for the time being.

Even during the period where we did have Board crossover, Regen Foundation has taken precautions to ensure an arm’s length relationship between entities. Regen Foundation’s Conflict-of-Interest Policy and our Token Ownership & Trading Policy can be found via the links.

This moment marks a milestone in the maturation of the ecosystem. A year ago I left my staff post at RND and wrote a retrospective on the previous three years. Looking back over the year since, we’ve launched mainnet, passed a governance proposal  to expand the validator set to 75 nodes, the Foundation has hired its founding Executive Director, and we’re poised to launch our inaugural Community Staking DAO with Commons Stack. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter holds for both Regen Foundation and the Regen Network ecosystem as a whole!