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We can regenerate the future, together.


Meet the staff of Regen Foundation


Meet the Board leading major decisions and movement within the Foundation.


Meet the network of organizations maintaining integrity, democracy, and transparency in our model.



Revathi Kollegala

Executive Director

Revathi Kollegala is an ethical technologist with a focus on digital and social inclusion believing in the power of collective systems. She is passionate about sustainable living and draws on personal experiences of cross-cultural living to tackle the climate emergency while creating a more joyous and more equitable world.



Gregory Landua

Chief Regeneration Officer of Regen Network Development, Inc

Gregory is Chief Regeneration Officer of Regen Network, co-author of Regenerative Enterprise and co-creator of the 8-forms of capital framework. Gregory is a Regenerative Agriculture Practitioner and farmer. As co-founder and CEO of Terra Genesis International, he has helped grow an ecosystem of organizations dedicated to regenerative agriculture.

Laura 2021

Will Szal

President of the Board at Regen Network Development, Inc

For the past ten years, Will has been working and learning in the local food and local economy space. As a graduate of the Learn to Farm Program at the Farm School, he helped start the University of Massachusetts Permaculture Project and the Slow Money group PVGrows.

Dorn Cox (1)

Dorn Cox

Co-Founder of FarmOS, Research Director at Wolfe’s Neck Center

Dr. Dorn Cox, PhD, is the Research Director for the Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment, and Founder of FarmOS and the Farm Hack community. Dr. Cox was recognized in 2018 by the National Association of Conservation Districts with the inaugural Hugh Hammond Bennet award for excellence in conservation. Active in the U.S. Soil Health movement, he speaks regularly nationally and internationally about participatory science, open agricultural knowledge exchange, soil health, and regenerative agriculture. He is passionate about the potential for open source agriculture to accelerate innovation and quantify environmental services.


Kei Kreutler

Director of Strategy at Gnosis

Kei Kreutler is Director of Strategy at Gnosis, a leading company building the operating system for DAOs (decentralized organizations) on Ethereum. For the last six years, she has worked at the forefront of decentralized technology and organizational design for cooperatives. As a writer, artist, and open source software developer, her work assumes a deeply interdisciplinary approach, and she is co-founder of Guild, the decentralized artists network.

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Amanda Joy Ravenhill

Executive Director of Buckminster Fuller Institute, Co-Founder of Project Drawdown

Amanda Joy Ravenhill is Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges. She previously held the role of Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming .Ravenhill is driven by her experience living and working internationally as well as her enthusiasm to integrate art and science.


Regen Consortium is the group of organizations governing Regen Ledger, serving to maintain integrity, transparency, and democracy. They enable an unprecedented democratic and cooperative movement (Regen Network) to be built around growing institutional capacity to account for ecological health.

These organizations have shown exceptional expertise and leadership in relevant domains: Regenerative agriculture, remote sensing, circular economy, ecology, Earth systems, blockchain, and regenerative economics.


Regen Network

nori (1)


kiss-the-ground (3)

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“Nori is a proud consortium member of the Regen Network. We are mission-aligned in our quest to reverse climate change by empowering stewards of the land with software that can track and monetize ecological improvements. We enthusiastically support the development of this platform using blockchain technology. It ensures that the regenerative land steward owns their data, which are relevant for estimating and quantifying carbon removal and other ecosystem services.”

– Christophe Jospe | Chief Development Officer, Nori