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We can regenerate
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Meet the staff of Regen Foundation
Revathi Kollegala
Revathi Kollegala

Executive Director

Revathi Kollegala is an ethical technologist with a focus on digital and social inclusion believing in the power of collective systems. She is passionate about sustainable living and draws on personal experiences of cross-cultural living to tackle the climate emergency while creating a more joyous and more equitable world.

Austin Wade Smith

Director of EnDAOment

Austin Wade Smith (they/them) is an artist, ecologist, writer, and technologist based in Brooklyn, New York. Their research explores the interrelation of decolonization, non-human agency, symbiosis, and bioregionalism in global technical and financial infrastructures. Previously, they taught critical methodologies on climate justice in art and engineering at universities in New York.

Nena Jain

Communications Stratagist

Nena is a young feminist, who has worked across different parts of the world in the intersection of gender, environment, and equitable societies. She strongly believes in the power of community building and aspires to co-create a world that is safe, healthy and equitable for all!


Meet the Board leading major decisions and movements within the Foundation.

Amanda Joy Ravenhill
Executive Director of Buckminster Fuller Institute, Co-Founder of Project Drawdown
Amanda Joy Ravenhill is Executive Director of the Buckminster Fuller Institute and an active member of the international community focused on addressing imminent global challenges. She previously held the role of Co-Founder and Executive Director of Project Drawdown, a comprehensive plan to reverse global warming .Ravenhill is driven by her experience living and working internationally as well as her enthusiasm to integrate art and science.
Dorn Cox
Co-Founder of FarmOS, Research Director at Wolfe’s Neck Center

Dr. Dorn Cox, PhD, is the Research Director for the Wolfe’s Neck Center for Agriculture and the Environment, and Founder of FarmOS and the Farm Hack community. Dr. Cox was recognized in 2018 by the National Association of Conservation Districts with the inaugural Hugh Hammond Bennet award for excellence in conservation. Active in the U.S. Soil Health movement, he speaks regularly nationally and internationally about participatory science, open agricultural knowledge exchange, soil health, and regenerative agriculture. He is passionate about the potential for open source agriculture to accelerate innovation and quantify environmental services.

Kei Kreutler
Director of Strategy
at Gnosis
Kei Kreutler is Director of Strategy at Gnosis, a leading company building the operating system for DAOs (decentralized organizations) on Ethereum. For the last six years, she has worked at the forefront of decentralized technology and organizational design for cooperatives. As a writer, artist, and open source software developer, her work assumes a deeply interdisciplinary approach, and she is co-founder of Guild, the decentralized artists network.
Will Szal

President of the Board

Will was a member of the co-founding team of Regen Network in the summer of 2017. He currently serves as a Board Member and Treasurer at Terra Genesis International PBC, as well as a Steering Board Member at Redesigning for Resilience and Regeneration. Will lives in rural New England, and is passionate about the domains of regenerative agriculture, alternative and gift economics, phenomenology, animism, and myth.


Meet the governance body of Regen Foundation

Regen Network
kiss-the-ground (3)
"Regen Network gives me genuine hope for the future. I trust the experience backing the team, who actually understand what is required for trees and crops to grow, and is creating a brilliant system to verify that they do. No greenwash here. They are the real deal."
- ALANA LEA, Founder of Rainforest Eco Enterprise and iGiveTrees
"Regen Network is easily the most competent DLT endeavor tackling ecological affairs that I have come across."
"Regen Network provides the essential protocol to take stock of the ecological condition of our commons, from which we can steer and incentivize curative and regenerative efforts within the framework of a newly emerging monetary framework.”
“Regen Network is using blockchain based accounting to radically re-invision not how finance works, but rather our relationship to nature and the entire world. Perhaps the finance people are thinking too small, they see blockchain as a revolution in money Regen Network sees far more than finance in the blockchain, they see a whole new world.”
- MARK PESCE, Cryptonomics Podcast
"Regen Network is one of the most thoughtful and promising networks of thought leaders and technologists that I have ever encountered. They are developing a profoundly, evidence based platform for not just climate change and regenerative agriculture, but for a functioning ecological economy. They are authentic and grounded thought leaders that point to the future direction for necessary social and economic evolution. They need to be listened to."
- JOHN HENRY CLIPPINGER, Founder of The Token Commons Foundation and
"Nori is a proud consortium member of the Regen Foundation. We are mission-aligned in our quest to reverse climate change by empowering stewards of the land with software that can track and monetize ecological improvements. We enthusiastically support the development of this platform using blockchain technology. It ensures that the regenerative land steward owns their data, which are relevant for estimating and quantifying carbon removal and other ecosystem services."
- CHRISTOPHE JOSPE, Chief Development Officer at Nori