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Welcoming New Validators into the Expanded Set

Upgrading the Community Staking DAO Allocation Delegation Strategy

TL;DR—After opening up the question to community input, Regen Foundation will be expanding its delegation policy for the next 10mm REGEN delegated to include the 25 new validators in the set.

A pretty nature photo I shot in Wales in 2011. Hopefully it leaves you more inclined to click on this post!

On August 8th, Regen Ledger’s validator set was increased from 50 to 75, via governance vote #3. In anticipation of this move, we at Regen Foundation published a three-month retrospective on our Community Staking DAO delegation strategy, and opened up a forum discussion for how we might upgrade this strategy in light of the expanded validator set.

Regen Foundation is working to distribute 30+mm REGEN (~28% of the current token supply, held in this wallet) to Community Staking DAOs. In the interim, the Foundation is delegating a portion of these tokens.

On the other side of an AMA and forum discussion, there’s a clear consensus that Regen Foundation should expand its delegations strategy for this pool to validators 6 through 75 in the rankings (from the previous 6 through 50)—”Option 2″ from the forum discussion. This will take effect during our September and October delegations (5mm REGEN each).

Currently allocations are determined by placing in the rankings (essentially a bell curve) and equalizing for commission (down to 3%). There is an interest in factoring in other metrics, such as reputation, or contributions to the Regen Network ecosystem—but it is also clear that these metrics will not be mature enough for these two rounds of delegations, and will rather be rolled into subsequent redelegations later on.

Thank you for your comments and contributions to make this upgrade possible! We look forward to building with you!